Little Angels Home, Inc.


Inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit and in total submission to God’s will and in obedience to His Excellency, Bishop Florentino F. Cinense, DD., Fr. Archie together with the sisters bearing the name of Handmaids of the Risen Christ, humbly started the journey of following the Risen Christ in the Apostolic Contemplative life. Together they committed themselves to become leaven of the beatitudes in the midst of the world and authentic witness of the gospel. Through their life of contemplation and action, the joy and peace of the resurrection, in communion with the whole humanity and God’s creation is manifested through their love and commitment in their apostolate. Sharing and transforming the society and the world worthy of God’s reigned thru their service to the church, through the signs of the times, in prayer, contemplation, sacrifices and apostolic work by corporal works of mercy.


Embracing the charism entrusted to them as a monastic community in action they reach out the orphans like flowers and fruits which carry the seeds of new life. Performing the corporal works of mercy; to fed, to clothe shelter and educate. To offer opportunities for educational scholarship grants and training program for them. To keep these children into God-loving, useful and productive citizens of the community.
Trusting in the Divine Providence makes the operation of the said apostolate exist. The apostolate for the abandoned children subsists on donation to run the apostolate. To love these children affects a positive response in their minds and hearts and realizing that at the crossroads of life there in one virtue that matters and that is to love unconditionally for love wins love… always wins.



Our goal is to expand our facility and our service so that we can admit more children. There are about 75,000 street children in Metro Manila alone who need our help. With you as our partner and with the help of our Almighty God we can achieve these goals.