Little Angels Home, Inc.

LAHI Extension - Mendez, Cavite
LAHI Extension - Mendez, Cavite

The fact remains that these infants and children are here and they are to grow into adulthood. The fact also remains that without proper custodial care the future of these abandoned and neglected children are uncertain. We at LAHI will contribute all our efforts and resources to provide a nice temporary home and the best custodial care to the abandoned and neglected children until they were adopted by qualified couples. This will be our contribution to the society in order to improve the standard of living of the poorest of the poor and to help prevent the proliferation of menace in our society.


Early 1998, we decided to put up the orphanage at our property in Tagaytay City which we named LITTLE ANGELS HOME FOUNDATION, INC. When we finally opened the door, we started with 3 babies. After a year we have reached the capacity of the orphanage of 15 babies only. But due to demand we were force by compassion to accept more than we can discharge either for adoption, fostering or integrating them to their biological parents.


Today we have 35 children ages from 1 to 11 years old, (three of them with congenital infirmities) whose papers are being process for declaration of abandonment and or for matching to possible prequalified adoptive parents.


Our future goal is to expand our facility to accommodate more unfortunate children. There are about 440, 000 neglected street children in Metro Manila alone.


LAHI was conceived and founded by a group of lay people who responded to God's call to reach out to the less fortunate, particularly to the abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children of street dwellers. They found their inspiration through street dwellers to whom they are reaching out through apostolic works and evangelization. These street dwellers particularly situated in the Malate and Ermita areas (representing other areas in Manila) are composed of homeless families living in parks and other public areas, which include prostitutes, drug-addicts and sexually abused children. The majority of persons who comprises the homeless families in these areas are babies, and toddlers who almost every day encounter the cruelties and hardship of our world. Worse, some of these children and abandoned in the streets to fend for themselves by their own parents who can't afford to give them decent living.


Touched by the worsening condition of these children, these lay people responded by forming an organization geared toward giving hope to these less fortunate children. Thus, the LITTLE ANGELS HOME, INC. was born.


LAHI presently cares and shelter 36 children of various cases. Most of them were either abandoned or surrendered by their parents all because of poverty.



Handmaids of the Risen Christ Monastic Community (HRC)

Grateful to God for his vocation, Rev. Fr. Ronald Thomas A. Cortez, SRC on the occasion of his 10th year Presbyterian Ordination, founded the Handmaids of the Risen Christ Monastic Community. On December 2, 1999, sisters bearing the names as Handmaids of the Risen Christ dedicated themselves totally as heralds of the Easter message to all.